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Below are some key statistics for OneGov as of June 2015. Please note that the numbers provided are approximate. If you require up to date and / or detailed statistics please contact OneGov. This page is updated regularly, and more service statistics will be published in future.

Licence volume

OneGov is used to manage approximately 9m Licences*, representing more than 121 licence types. These are held in more than 1,000 classes (sub-types) across business, occupational, recreational and community licences. 

Monthly Transaction Volume

Every month, OneGov processes more than 70,000 new licence applications, 93,000 renewals and 25,000 amendments. Over and above this, 14,000 other transactions such as compliance, assessments, case management etc. are also conducted. A quarter of these transactions are conducted through our online channel.

The service also issues about 250,000 certificates, cards and notices every month, and OneGov Public register receives about 140,000 online inquiries.


Currently OneGov supports more than 100,000 registered online users and 6,000 internal agency users. Majority of Principal Departments in NSW use OneGov to conduct business, at over 150 Government service locations in NSW.

*The term "licence" in this website refers to licences, registrations, permits, certificates, authorisations, accreditations, notifications, exemptions etc.