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How to use this website

This website is an entry point to a number of online services provided by the NSW Government. It also provides related links, downloads and information about these services. The easiest way to find a service is to use the quick search function or to browse the catalogue to find a service in your area of interest. The help section below also provides guidance for those wanting to apply for a licence, lodge an online renewal, look up an online register or access services for partners and agents.

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Searching for a Service

The intelligent search bar is the quickest way to find a service. Services can be found by either using a keyword or a related concept. For example:

  • Keyword search: fish for fishing licence or boat for a Boat driver’s licence
  • Related word or concept: electrician for a Contractor licence or Marina for a commercial mooring
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Browsing the catalogue of services

OneGov provides a comprehensive catalogue of services provided by various NSW agencies.

These include a variety of online transactions, lookups, information and links. You can access these services from the following places :

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Applying for a Licence

You can apply online for many licences, registrations and permits. Most licences will require you to Sign-in with an existing user-id, or register a new account. Fishing licence is the only exception. A user dashboard allows you to save an incomplete application and complete it at your convenience.

All licence applications that have associated fees accept payment via credit card, and a receipt with a PDF copy of the application is e-mailed to you after lodgement. The time to process a licence application lodged online may vary depending on the licence type. 

This facility is currently available to some licences, and an effort is underway to provide more licence applications and related business processes online.

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Renewing a licence

You can lodge a renewal for most licence online. Renewal requires you to enter a licence number and a renewal number. These are usually printed on your renewal notice. You can amend your contact details and other information at the time of renewal lodgement.

All online renewals accept payment via credit card, and a receipt is provided after the transaction. The time to process a licence renewal lodged online may vary depending on the licence type.

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Looking up a public register of licences

Many licences, permits, registrations and certificates provide an online lookup service through this website. This allows you to search a public record or check a licence online in order to verify its status.

Note that this facility is only available for some licences.

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Services for brokers, agents and partners

This website also provides services to various agents, brokers, partners and interested parties, such as Training Organisations, Prescribers, Certifiers etc.

To find out more about our partner services please contact the relevant NSW government agency.

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