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About OneGov banner image About OneGov

OneGov is an e-Government platform supporting the Government’s commitment to provide simpler services to the people of NSW. It is used by several NSW Departments through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, and provides processes to manage business, occupational, recreational and community licensing.

OneGov also operates this website (, which provides the public a quick and easy way to access online services.

Our objectives

The program has the following objectives:

Reduce red tape

by introducing simpler, standardised processes for licence management

Improve services to public

by enabling direct access to a large number of government services through online, mobile and other digital channels

Reduce IT costs

by sharing a centralised IT service across Government, and hence reducing future capital and maintenance expenditure.

Improve information quality and access

by providing effective data management and reporting tools to agencies

Improve security and availability

by providing a robust, reliable and secure 24x7 service to agencies and public

Current Status of the Service

OneGov is owned and managed by the NSW Department of Customer Service. Each year Customers use OneGov for around 10 million data searches and transactions over digital devices, phones and counters.

OneGov’s software solutions are used by 30 NSW Departments and Agencies for approximately 9 million licences.  In providing agencies simple digital solutions we have replaced 49 government bespoke legacy systems.

Each day over 10,000+ Industry / Agency users depend on our solutions, which consistently reach 98+% public satisfaction with 99.9% system availability.  OneGov Data is safely managed and stored on NSW soil inside the NSW Government Datacentres.

If you are interested in using our services or want to know more about OneGov, please contact our OneGov Programme Office Manager located at the Department of Customer Service.

A full list of our services is available here.

*The term "licence" in this website refers to licences, registrations, permits, certificates, authorisations, accreditations, notifications, exemptions etc.