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Promotions, Lotteries & Fund-raising Promotions, Lotteries & Fund-raising

Fair Trading

Trade Promotion Gaming Activities

  • Trade Promotion Gaming Activities

    A trade promotion is a free-entry lottery conducted to promote goods or services supplied by a business.
    It is sometimes called a sweepstake, competition, contest, or giveaway. A trade promotion lottery must genuinely promote goods or services supplied, apart from offering participation in the trade promotion lottery.

Fair Trading

Other Community Gaming Activities

  • Community gaming activities are low-risk games involving an element of chance that are played for charitable, social, not-for-profit or trade promotion purposes.
    An authority is required to conduct art unions, progressive lotteries, and sweeps or calcuttas where the total prize value for each game exceeds $30,000.
  • Community Gaming

    You must comply with all applicable requirements of the Community Gaming Act 2018 and the Community Gaming Regulation 2020. If a gaming activity is conducted to raise money for a charity, an authority under the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 may be required. NSW Fair Trading uses the Government Licensing Service to administer the following Community Gaming Licences.
    1) Art Unions
    2) Sweeps / Calcuttas
    3) Progressive Lotteries

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