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Board of Surveying and Spatial Information Board of Surveying and Spatial Information

Board of Surveying and Spatial Information


  • The Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (the Board) of New South Wales is constituted under the Surveying

    and Spatial Information Act 2002 and has been in operation in one form or another since 1837.

    The Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI) maintains land and mining surveyor standards

    and numbers to support NSW economic activity through:

    • The registration of surveyors;

    • Upholding professional practice standards, and;

    • Promoting the value of surveying and spatial information to the community.

    BOSSI monitors and influences the education, training and ongoing accreditation of surveyors to ensure they meet competency and professional standards.

    BOSSI registers land and mining surveyors and advises Government on matters relating to any aspect of surveying or the spatial information industry.

  • New Applications
    • BOSSI Transactions

      Apply to be a Candidate Surveyor, Registered Surveyor or Surveyors Assistant

  • Surveying

    A career in surveying can be very diverse and involves travelling and the use of specialised technology. Surveyors can be involved in making measurements in the outdoors or indoors processing data and creating plans and maps. To become a surveyor you must firstly do some study. This is usually undertaken at University and depends what discipline of surveying you would like to undertake and if you want to be registered. To be registered you must complete a university degree. Surveyors? careers can take them to many parts of the world, sometimes to places rarely visited by other people. Surveyors can choose to be based in the city or the bush and can be involved in various types of projects involving various other types of professions and disciplines such as engineering, town planning, environment science, finance and the law. For further information on a career in surveying please see the Rural surveyor and Urban surveyor brochures or visit the A life without limits website or Geospatial Science website.

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